The stormy year of 2020 has caused an awakening in the souls of so many in America.  Across this nation the disconnected disenfranchised and disinterested were shocked into coherence.   Many watching the long deep-rooted claims of police brutality played out on life tv.  


Before our tears were dry it repeated and repeated and instances that had long been  hidden were uncloaked until the pain and rage exploded and forced a  spiritual metamorphosis forcing us out of our season sealed cocoons.


This energy is an exercise in futility unless it is powered and secured to have genuine effective change. These efforts came from grassroots and non profits that answered the call.  These efforts in this election season are more important than ever and must be pushed into the voting booths.


The power of the ballot is so successfully cloaked by the powers that be until it is blinded by the darkness from those so deeply impacted the most.


The power of the vote has put in place laws that generational disruptions for so many.  The privatization of prisons has allowed a legal pimping of the public for the private elites.  In the state of Louisiana there was an attempt to put into law a guaranteed minimum of prisoners BUT that was to obvious so they went another route still achieving their goals.


The criminalizing of small quantities of marijuana has ruined a generation of minority lives.  Bail reform is necessary on a national level and be assured ‘its true ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL!   


To this effort we are donating a portion of all of our sales to grassroots who are getting the vote out now.   Many states are on a mission to exploit the current pandemic and thwart the people’s power DO NOT ALLOW THEM! SUPPORT THE CAUSE GET THEM OFF YOUR THROAT Victory Over The Enemy!